A&B Die Casting has the absolute latest equipment to provide complete prototyping services. Quickly and efficiently we can deliver a model, painted and ready to present for fit and function checks. Our system is not only remarkable and practical and can save you time and money, it will change the way you think about prototyping, design verification and manufacturing. At every stage of the development process, from prototyping your concepts, to verifying your design, through manufacturing real parts for end use, A&B capitalizes on our advanced equipment to bring more value to you.

Our system uses real production stable thermoplastics parts. Other companies use resins and powders that can warm, shrink or absorb moisture.

We can manufacture real parts in just three steps, unlike some competitive processes, that have up to 16 steps. Our equipment doesn’t require the kinds of pre and post processing steps that bog most others down.

Our ability to provide this level of rapid prototyping adds tremendous value to the parts we produce.