Under one roof your company will find everything to handle any low to medium volume job you require. Our experts will handle every detail of every job from the initial design and optimizing planning process to final coating and delivery.

There is absolutely no need to hire out or sub-contract any part of the job.

Our craftsmen have over 15 years average tenure, so you know you are dealing with people who know the system, who can harness the benefits of OPT and make it work for your project every time. At A&B, we take advantage of the precision and quality die casting offers and bring it to a higher level. We optimize every step of the process through quality control, expert engineering, and unsurpassed engineering vision.

At A&B you will find a harmony between the technological mastery and the traditional design and crafting skill. This harmony results in our ability to produce 400 different jobs, over 1700 complex and intricate parts. Simultaneously. And we are building more tools every day, a bountiful palette of choices for our customers to choose from.

It’s why we can offer value pricing options, for instance—we can give you a price on 1200 parts and you only pay for what you need, say, 50 at a time. Only a company that truly understands how to optimize the die casting process can offer pricing like that.

And A&B uses only 100% recycled materials, we are one die caster totally committed to the environment and community.