Today die casting can be produced in nearly every conceivable size and shape – from the smallest electronic component requiring precise engineering and weighing less than one gram, to the largest automotive part requiring durability and strength.

Die casting also gives you the freedom to design intricate configurations knowing that the components will maintain their integrity through disassembly, repair, re-manufacture, and re-assembly.

The A&B Die Casting process results in castings with extremely close tolerances and reduced draft angles (in some cases, zero draft), often eliminating the need for finish machining operations.

Die casting allows you to choose from many exciting material options including recyclable aluminum, zinc, and ZA alloys. And, you can choose from many high quality surface finishes and treatments, such as paint, plating, and powder coating, each of which offers functionality and decorative appeal.

A&B Die Casting continually creates new options for production designers. Technological advancements being made every day allow us to bridge the gap between the high cost of low volume machined parts and the economies of high volume castings. As a result, our customers benefit from creative delivery models and achievable performance goals. And we set our vision beyond the NADCA standards. We are also NTMA members with all the benefits and access to breaking news that go with that membership.

A&B is ISO 9001-2008 registered.